How to Choose Suitable Wire Fencing - Fence Function and Types

Want to protect our property and territory, we can build a fence for it. In order to choose a suitable fencing, you need determine the functions of the fencing.

  • Marked: It does not matter what type fence is installed, the main thing is that it stood out from the environment. When anyone seeing the fence, he will understand that this territory can not use it.
  • Protection: Mounting a fence to defend the territory against outside intrusion, or protect the environment from what is in the boundary fence. For example, sport fence protects sport land from outside intrusion. Animal fencing in the zoo protects animals hurt by person, at the same time it will prevent the animals run out to hurt people.
  • Division: Fencing for dog kennels, walkways, recreation areas, storage of hazardous substances, inland waters. In this case, the fencing aesthetic appearance is more important than protection function.
  • Comfort: The feel of comfort is different for different people. Someone prefers tall and solid fence to protect from prying eyes and feel safe from the environment, others prefer to be in harmony with nature and makes clear fence.

The basic principle when choosing the fencing type is that the more complex and important tasks must implement the fence, the more coarsely will disrupt the harmony of the environment and landscape.

  1. Live fence. Living fences are natural stands to mark the boundaries of space and most harmoniously with the environment, used for plants and trees.
  2. Picket fence. Wooden fence is mainly used for the protection of private areas in the countryside. Quite easy to install and not expensive.
  3. Welded wire fence. Welded wire fence has a huge number of variants. Have a high cost, but it is very aesthetic and rigid, including double wire fencing, paladin fencing, and top roll fencing. They are usually finished with galvanized and then powder coating for high corrosion protection in white, green, and red color.
  4. Woven wire fence. Woven wire fence mainly includes chicken wire and chain link fence. They are widely used as livestock fence, animal fence and sport fence.
  5. 358 mesh high security fence. 358 mesh fence and 3510 mesh fence are the high security fencing with small mesh opening, having the features of anti-climbing and anti-cutting. They are the best mesh for prison and airport, hospital and school fencing. This high security fencing often mounted with razor barbed wire on it, offering more security protection.
  6. Metal fence of corrugated sheet. The most common type of fencing in Russia . It has a low cost and long life . Option deaf type fencing. From an aesthetic point of view is not the best option.
  7. Stone fences. Stone fence is erected at the appropriate foundation wall, lined with stone, brick or concrete blocks.