Concertina Barbed Wire and Poles for Nigeria Project

Supply and install aluminum barb wire mesh, galvanized concertina wire and Y hangers, galvanized steel poles bolts and nuts, here is the materials for a Nigeria project.

A coil of concertina razor wire on our factory showroom.

BCW-01: Green concertina razor barbed wire

Table-1: Aluminum Barb Wire
Description Qty Unit
Supply and install aluminum barb wire mesh 12.5gal. Fabric with the following specifications: 12.5galm Almz Mesh size = 10 mm x 10 mm. Height = 3 m. 1491 Sqm
Table-2: American Barb Wire 24" Concertina Galvanized / Galvanized & Y – Hanger
S/N Description Qty Unit
BB-1 Supply and install six strands of galvanized straight barb wire properly fitted into the perforated holes on the Y – hanger roll length = 1320'. 2988 M
BB-2 Supply and install galvanized concertina razor wire (American Barbwire) on top of Y – hangers. 497 M
BB-3 Provide for binding wire and other installation and welding accessories. Lot
Table-3: Steel Poles
S/N Description Qty Unit
SP-1 75 mm (3") galvanized steel poles – 5 mm thick. H = 3.6 m as steel post @ 3 m c/c. properly embedded in concrete. 168 No
SP-2 75 mm (3") galvanized steel poles – 5 mm thick. L = 2.9 m as steel rails (top, middle and bottom) @ 1 m c/c. 1488 No
SP-3 150 mm (6") galvanized steel poles – 5 mm thick. H = 3.6 m as steel post at fence intersections 6 5/8" O.D. 12 No
SP-4 Galvanized steel rail end connectors 1 5/8". 498 No
SP-5 Galvanized steel "Y" shaped loop caps to cover the poles. 168 No
SP-6 Prime surfaces of steel poles with red oxide paint and apply three coats of marine paint. 168 No
SP-7 600 – 900 mm Galvanized Y – hanger on top with cap of steel posts welded to steel loop cap adequately perforated to receive six strands of straight barb wires. 169 No
SP-8 Provide for welding works. LS
SP-9 Galvanized steel bolts and nuts 5/16" × 1 ¼". Lot
SP-10 Welding consumables and accessories. Lot
SP-11 Provide for fabrication and installation. LS
SP-12 Provide freight and handling charges. LS