Palisade Security Fencing Effective Deters Intruders

Palisade fencing, a security wire fence with "D" and "W" section pale provides an effective deterrent to intruders. The two head styles - "D" pale profile, and "W" section pale - for different choice to meet a perceived level of security risk. "D" section thickness (shown as table-1) 2.0 mm /3.0 mm and "W" section thickness 2.0 mm /2.5 mm are chosen by the risk assessment for a particular uses.

As effective security fencing, palisade fencing with forbidding appearance, inherent strength and high damage resistance becomes the best choices of protection fencing. Designed with smooth surface, rigidity structure, sharp prongs and narrow pale spacing, the palisade fences are normally considered to be difficult even impossible to climb, straddle, grab and gain foot-hold. Thereby, it effective deters would to be intruders and trespassers, protects your assets, office and factory from damages.

Most of all, the palisade fence can be installed with flexibility to follow the profile of uneven terrains and offers a professional feel to your areas. So the fences are always close to the ground and no security issues!

  • Green powder coating palisade fence from W section pales

    PIF-01: Palisade fence W section pale and post details

  • palisade fence made from W section pales in green - yellow color and D section pales in blue color

    PIF-02: Palisade fencing from W and D section pales

We sell palisade fences in kit form, usually are composed of palisade pales, palisade rails, palisade post and fence fittings including fish plates, post clamps, bolts and nuts. Palisade pales are available in D section, W section and angle steel types. All the pales are bolts to two horizontal palisade rails as standards. Once the fence height is over 3 meters, one more palisade rail is needed to maintain the integrity for high security.

Specifications Details:

  • Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, hot rolled or cold rolled.
  • Fence length: 2.75 m.
  • Fence height: 1.2 m to 3.6 m.
  • RSJ post: 102 mm × 44 mm for fences below 2.7 mm, 127 mm × 66 mm for fences above 2.7 mm .
  • Square post: 50 mm × 50 mm × 1.6 mm thickness or 76 mm × 76 mm × 1.6 mm thickness.
  • Pales height: 1.2 m to 3.6 m.
  • Pales thickness: 2 mm to 5 mm .
  • Anti-rust surface treatments: hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated with various colors (green, blue, yellow, red, shown as the picture above) for higher rust resistance.
Table-1: Palisade Fence Panel Pale Section and Head Profile
Standard Height Pale Section Head Profile
1.2 m 3.0 mm "D" rounded & notched
1.5 m 3.0 mm "D" rounded & notched
1.8 m 3.0 mm "D" rounded & notched
1.8 m 3.0 mm "D" triple pointed
1.8 m 2.0 mm "W" triple pointed
2.0 m 2.0 mm "D" rounded & notched
2.0 m 3.0 mm "D" triple pointed
2.0 m 2.0 mm "W" triple pointed
2.1 m 3.0 mm "D" triple pointed
2.1 m 2.0 mm "W" triple pointed
2.4 m 2.0 mm "D" triple pointed
2.4 m 3.0 mm "D" rounded & notched
2.4 m 2.0 mm "W" triple pointed
2.4 m 2.5 mm "W" triple pointed
3.0 m 3.0 mm "D" triple pointed
Table-2: Palisade Fencing Accessories Size
Components Industries Palisade Fencing
Pales 62 × 2.5 mm / 3.0 mm or angle steel 40 × 40 × 2.3 mm
Horizontal rails 50 × 50 × 3.0 mm / 5.0 mm
Square post 76 × 76 × 1.6 mm
Post clamps 45 × 3 mm
Bolts and nuts M8 ×No.34 for pale fixing
M12 ×No.4 for rail fixing

Warm Tips: Palisade fencing can be sold in loose form or complete panels in the length of 2.75 m. So when ordering palisade fences, the total length will be a multiple of 2.75 meters. For example, if the length of your fence is 10 meters, you could order four palisade panels in the total length of 11 meters. And don't forget to order additional posts, corner or end post clamps

Green plastic coated palisade fencing used to protect farm

PIF-03: Green plastic coated palisade fencing with W section pale