Anti-climbing Fence - A More Rigid Security Fencing Than 358 Fence

Anti climb fence is a much more secure barrier than the common 358 mesh fence. It has the same wire thickness as 358 fence, but the size of mesh opening pattern is smaller. The intruder can not climb up with fingers and toes, and conventional bolts or wire-cutters have no way to cut the anti climb fencing.

Anti-climbing fence has more rigid double vertical wire welding structure, which makes it difficult to cross. Anti-climb rigid mesh fencing has the advantages of anti-climbing, anti-cutting, anti-corrosion, and good viewing visibility. Combined with the fence top of razor barbed wire, security fence spikes, or tooth spikes, it becomes a ideal high-security fencing for high-end applications, such as, prisons, military and power facilities.

The drawing of anti-climb fence installation, including fence toppings and fence posts.

ACF-01: Anti-climbing fence with double vertical wire design for high security perimeter fencing, available in black, dark green, brown, yellow colors.

High security anti-climbing fence features

  • Good viewing visibility, it is a type of high security clear view fencing.
  • Welded well at each intersection.
  • Intrusion resistant, with extremely strong double vertical wire design.
  • Small mesh aperture, anti-cut, anti-climb, finger-resistant and toe-resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant with zinc aluminum alloy and PVC powder coating.
  • Surface finish after welding, every weld-point are protected well.
  • High strength with fully integrated with posts and anti-tamper fixings.
  • Fence security toppings are optional.
  • Easy for installation and free maintenance.
  • 5 year warranty.

Anti climb fence specifications:

  • Wire: 4 mm steel wire.
  • Wire surface finish: galfan coating after welded, and then PVC powder coating (Min. 120 micron), or PVC powder painting.
  • PVC coated color: black, dark green, brown, yellow, desert sand, bronze or other colors request.
  • Mesh opening pattern: 70 mm × 8 mm, welded well at each intersection.
  • Mesh sheet width: 2515 mm.
  • Anti-climb mesh fencing panels and posts.
Table-1: anti-climb mesh fencing panels and posts specifications
Fence height (m) Panel size (Height × Width) Fence Post (Height × Size × Thick) Clamp Bar (Height × Width × Thick ) Inter or corner Clamp No. (PCS)
2.0 2007 mm × 2515 mm 2700 × 80 × 80 × 3 mm 2007 × 60 × 5.00 mm 7 or 14
2.4 2410 mm × 2515 mm 3100 × 80 × 80 × 3 mm 2400 × 60 × 5.00 mm 9 or 18
3.0 3010 mm × 2515 mm 3800 × 100 × 100 × 3.0 mm 2997 × 80 × 6.00 mm 11 or 22
3.6 3610 mm × 2515 mm 4500 × 100 × 100 × 3.5 mm 3607 × 100 × 7.00 mm 13 or 26
Note: anti-climb mesh fencing can be custom ordered to measure.
  • Fence security toppings: Flat razor wire coils with barbed wire, concertina barbed wire, security fence spikes, or shark tooth spikes (coating according to the anti-climb fence panels).
    • Shark tooth spikes: width 35 mm, long teeth up to 58 mm.
    • Security anti-climb fence spikes:
      • Plate thickness: 2.0 mm
      • Base width: 65 mm.
      • Spike length: 35 mm short spikes, 70 mm long spikes.
      • Spikes pitch: 70 mm.
    • Razor wire
      • Style: flat razor wire or concertina razor wires.
      • Barb length: short barb or long barb.
      • Material: galvanised steel, stainless steel (for extremely corrosive environments).
      • Wire: high tensile 25 mm, aluminum/zinc wire, breaking load 7700 N.
      • Coil Diameter: 600 mm, 750 mm.
      • Number of loops: 55.
      • Extent length: 7.5 m.
    • Barbed wire
      • Galvanized and PVC coated barbed wire with 2 strands and 4 points.
      • Gauge of strand and barb wire: 11 gauge.
      • Barbs spacing: 3 inch.

Anti-climb fence with double vertical wire provides an ideal solution for high security perimeter and access control applications, such as:

  • Prison perimeter areas.
  • Military sites and government facilities.
  • Electricity distribution sites.
  • Airports, railways, roadways.
  • Seaports.
  • Fencing & intrusion detection projects.
  • Hydel power project.
  • Petroleum and chemical facilities.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Warehousing facilities,
  • School.

Anti climb high security mesh fence price

  • The anti climb high security fence price is determined by the following aspects: raw material price, processing cost, and freight.
  • If your budget is limited, and the used environment requirements for corrosion and rust protection is not too high, for example in desert areas, you can choose Galfan coating without PVC coating.
  • If used in high corrosion and high humidity marine environment, then you must choose Galfan coating then PVC coating fence to meet the requirements. Of course, the price is higher than just galfan anti climb fencing.
  • In short, we recommend that you choose the most durable option within your budget.

Using double vertical wire welded anti-climbing fencing, say goodbye to intruders attempting to climb over your perimeter. Contact us now via or fill the following from.