Twin Wire Fence Secure and Decorate the Residences

A piece of roll top fencing on the ground.

TRS-01: Twin wire fence has solid and durable structure to protect safe.


  • Country: UK
  • Product: twin wire fence
  • Quantity: 500 sets

Our customer is an engineer in a construction company, his company had a large residences construction project, they wanted to purchase the beautiful and durable security fence for the high class residences. After browsed the website, they found us and inquired about the twin wire fence. He gave me the specs of the twin wire fence for reference, and hoped us gave the best price of the security fence. The specs our customer gave us were as follows:

  • Horizontal wire diameter: 8.0 mm
  • Vertical wire diameter: 6.0 mm
  • Mesh size: 50 mm × 200 mm
  • Height: 1800 mm
  • Width: 2500 mm
  • Quantity: 500 sets


  • About the specification

    The specifications of twin wire fence our customer gave us were detailed, but there were two questions to solve. One was the post style and specs, the other was color of the twin wire fence. We sent the E-mail to our customer, they told us that the post should be square post with 60 mm × 60 mm × 2.5 mm sizes and the color of the twin wire fence should be green.

  • About the price

    Our customer mentioned that he hoped us give him the best price. After discussing with the sales manager, we decided to give our customer 2% discount. Because we wanted to explore the UK markets and wanted to establish the long term cooperation with our customer. Then we sent the quotation to our customer, they accepted the price. One weeks later, our customer signed the twin wire fence contract.

  • About the production

    After receiving the payment of our customer, we started to arrange production. After calculating, we need two 20' GP container to load the twin wire fences. And the delivery time was very tight. We decided to add two extra production lines and extend working hours. Thanks to the advanced equipment and skilled workers, we completed all the goods before the delivery date. All the products were checked carefully and strictly by our professional testers, and only the qualified products could be delivered to our customers.

    • A worker is measuring the vertical wire diameter of twin wire fence by micrometer.

      TRS-02: Vertical wire diameter measurement.

    • A worker is measuring the hole width of twin wire fence by meter ruler.

      TRS-03: Hole width measurement.

    • A worker is measuring the hole height of twin wire fence by meter ruler.

      TRS-04: Hole height measurement.

    • A detail picture of square post of the twin wire fence.

      TRS-05: Twin wire fence post.

  • About the delivery

    After completing the production, we contacted with our forwarder right now to arrange the container and shipping time. All the links were smooth. Several days later, the products arrived at the London port and our customer received the products.

    After received the twin wire fence, our customer installed the security fence on their construction site. He told us that the twin wire fence was perfectly suit their project. The products were strong and solid with a beautiful color. They will purchase the twin wire fence from us for other projects.


Products are solid and strong, which is better than the traditional welded steel wire mesh fence.

The price of twin wire fence is reasonable, and the package is perfect, there is no any breakage during long time transporting.

The sales representatives are all professional and considerate, they solve lots of problems for us.

We will contact your company if we have other projects, hope to cooperate with you in the future.

Several pieces of twin wire fences are installed as security wall of the residences.

TRS-06: Twin wire fence is widely used as security fences in the residences.