Palisade Fence - Security Fence for Factory and Residences

A small sample of palisade fence on the ground.

PSA-01: Palisade fence can be hot-dipped galvanized or PVC coated.


  • Country: South Africa.
  • Product: palisade fence.
  • Quantity: 800 sets.

Our client is from South Africa, he have a factory need to install the security fence. When he browsed the security fence on the Google, he found us and was interested in the palisade fence. He wanted to know more about this and get the best price of it.


  • About the products and specs

    The client said that he wanted to purchase the palisade fence, but he had no idea about the specs and types. So we recommended that the basic information of the palisade fence. The palisade fence is a type of security fence both for beauty and security.

    The point on the top of the fence can prevent intruders from entering the places and the smooth and bright surface is beautiful and suit for the surrounding environments. Additional, there are angle bars on the fence panel which can add the stability and strength of the fence.

    The common types of palisade fence are W pale and D pale type palisade fencing with three point on the top of the fence. Though the price of the two type is same, but the W pale type palisade fencing is more widely used type than the D pale type, additional, it is more beautiful. So we suggested our customer to choose the W pale type.

    The surface treatment of the palisade fence can be hot dipped galvanized or powder coated. Compared with the powder coated palisade fence, the hot dipped galvanized has better corrosion resistance performance than the powder coated type, and it can stay for a long service life and ensure the good condition. Though the price is higher than the powder coated type, but it is worth for the value.

    After discussing with our client, he chose the hot dipped galvanized W type palisade fence. And then we sent the quotation of common specs to the customer, the detailed specs were as follows:

    • Pale type: W type.
    • Pale thickness: 2.0mm.
    • Post size: 100 mm × 55 mm.
    • Angle bar size: 50 mm × 50 mm.
    • Panel size: 2750 mm (W) × 2400 mm (H).
  • About the price

    After confirming the specs our client needed, we sent the quotation to the client. Because this was the first cooperation, so we cherished the opportunity for long term cooperation. Additional, the order quantity is not small, so we decided to give the special discount to the client. And our client accepted the price finally.

Production and delivery

After receiving the payment from our client, we started to arrange production. We have skilled workers to ensure the short production time, low production loss and high production efficiency. Additional, the automatic equipment can help to shorten the delivery time. After 2 weeks later, all the products were completed production and perfect packed.

Then we contacted with our long-term cooperation shipping agent to arrange the loading and shipping date. They help us to book the fastest shipping and the loading is also very smooth. Our client received the products very soon.

  • A worker is measuring the pale by the meter ruler.

    PSA-02: Pale size measurement of palisade fence.

  • A worker is measuring the pale spacing by the meter ruler.

    PSA-03: Pale space measurement of palisade fence.

  • A worker is measuring the size of angle bar.

    PSA-04: Angle bar size measurement of palisade fence.

  • A pallet of palisade fence pales on the ground.

    PSA-05: Palisade fence pale package.

Two workers are holding the palisade fence.

PSA-06: Palisade fence is easy to install.


The products are good in condition when i received it. There are no any damage during transporting. They works well and suit for my project very well.

The sales representatives are considerate and patient, i am deeply impressed of them.

If i have other orders, i will contact you and look forward to the long term cooperation.

Palisade fences are installed as the security wall.

PSA-07: Palisade fence is widely used as security wall in residences or factories.