358 Security Mesh Fence - Ideal for Airport Security

A hand is holding a piece of hot dipped galvanized 358 security fence.

MFA-01: Hot dipped galvanized 358 security fence has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance.


  • Customer Company: a construction company in Australia
  • Customer Name: An engineer in a construction company in Australia.
  • Country: Australia
  • Products: 358 security fence for airport.
  • Quantity: 35 km.

The client is an engineer in a construction company in Australia. He wanted to purchase the 358 security fence for an airport project. He browsed on the Google and found us. He was interested in our products and sent the inquiry to us.


  • About specs

    The client told us about the quantity, but there was no detailed specs about the fence. Then we suggested the common spec for him. The detailed specs are as follows:

    • Type 1:
      • Material: PVC coated steel wire.
      • Wire diameter: 4.0 mm.
      • Mesh size: 76.2 mm × 12.7 mm. (3" × 0.5")
      • Post size: 60 mm × 60 mm × 2.5 mm.
      • Height: 2400 mm.
    • Type 2:
      • Material: hot dipped galvanized wire.
      • Wire diameter: 4.0mm.
      • Mesh size: 76.2mm × 12.7mm. (3" × 0.5")
      • Post size: 60mm × 6omm × 2.5mm.
      • Height: 2400mm.

    At last, client chose the hot dipped galvanized material 358 security fence.

  • About razor barbed wire

    Then we suggested the razor barbed wire could be added on the top of security fence to prevent people from climbing. And we gave some cases of other customers about the application of 358 security fence and razor barbed wire. Then client accepted and thanked our profession and consideration.

  • About price

    Price is the common concerned topic for both our customer and us. client told me he was interested in our products, but our price was higher than our competitors. He wanted us to give some compress.
    After several contacts, we decided to give a 2% discount for he to gain a long term cooperation. He accepted that and said he was excepting the good quality products.

  • About curvy

    The client told us he wanted the products with 2 curves, which is known as the 3D 358 security fence. And he said it was the requirements of his client. He asked us if we could produce that products. We told him that we could produce that but the price of this would be a little expensive than the common products and gave him the newest price. The client said that the quality is the most important and he accepted the price.


After receiving the payment, we began to arrange production. We gave some picture during the production to let him know the schedule of the production. About two weeks' production, we completed all the goods including the fence, post and all accessories. The total quantity is 4 × 20 HQ container.

A piece of 358 security mesh fencing is producing on the machine.

MFA-02: 358 security mesh fence production.


After production, all the products were perfectly packed and waiting for loading. For the convenient transportation between our factory and Xin'gang, the loading is much more fluent than we expected.

Then we arranged the fastest shipping schedule to ensure the good arrive the customers' port as soon as possible.


Completed the project of 358 security fence for the airport, the client gave us much thanks and praise our sales representative with enthusiasm, profession and consideration. He will set up the long term cooperation with us.

358 security fence with razor barbed wire is installed on the outdoor fields.

MFA-03: 358 security fence has solid structure to prevent intruders.