Choose Us, You Will Get Rigid and Long Life High Security Fencing

High security fencing offered by Anping Enzar Metal Products Co., Ltd. is an economical way to protect any object with the highest security requirements. Anping Enzar Metal Products Co., Ltd. engaged in supply and installation of professional safety fencing systems. We have been install metal fences barriers over 17 years.

358 mesh fencing is one of our featured products. In order to increase the security properties, Anping Enzar Metal Products Co., Ltd. also manufactures razor barbed wire, which mounted on 358 welded mesh panels forms more security fencing barrier. Our high security fence are recommended for jails, train stations, military facilities, airport, computer centers, warehouses, distribution centers, power plants, and laboratories.

In addition to 358 mesh and razor barbed wire, We also manufacture paladin fencing, double wire fence, palisade fencing, and top roll fencing, fence posts and clips. All of our metal fencing meet modern technical requirements, are easy to be mounted with high protective qualities. Our fences have a long life with a ten year guarantee.

High security fences are stored and delivered on wooden pallets. Packaged in plastic film and firmly attached to the pallet with a special tape.

Many of our high-profile clients have chosen us as their preferred supplier to supply and install fencing where maximum and medium security fencing was required. During the work of our fences have proven reliability and durability. Choose us, you will get high security fencing with the features of low cost, quick installation, high degree of corrosion protection, modern look and long life.

We are open for cooperation and will be happy to work with private customers and large company, even national government agencies. Contact us, our specialists will help you select the right fencing and calculate the cost of the fence barrier.

A piece of gray 358 mesh fence with a combination of features: high security and rigid and long service life.