Security mesh fencing technology platform

High Security Anti Climb Fencing for Petrochemical Facilities

High security anti climb fencing provides superior resistance to cutting and climbing well for petrochemical facilities, including 358 type mesh, fence posts, razor wire and gates.

358 Mesh and Chain Link Port Perimeter Security Fence

This is a performance specification of 358 mesh, temporary chain link mesh, and razor wire required to maintain the Port Security.

Extra High Security Fencing for Intrusion Projects

Extra high security welded wire fencing for intrusion detection projects, requires V bends 358 mesh fence, rigid Welded wire mesh, euro style fence and paladin fence.

Welded Mesh Panels for Offshore Petrochemical Projects

High security welded mesh panel fencing for offshore petrochemical projects, which requires 358 mesh panels, welded V bend panels with zinc Alu and powder coating.

Anti-Climb Fence for Oil and Gas Services Project

Anti-climb fencing system for oil and gas services project, covering anti-climb 358 mesh in yellow color, hot galvanised boat fence, double coil galvanised concertina wire.

Secure Level of Open Mesh Steel Panel Fence

Expanded metal fence and welded wire panel fences are divided into general purpose fences, security fences, high security fences, extra high security fences.

Aluminum Barb Wire and Concertina Wire for Nigeria

Supply and install aluminum barb wire mesh, galvanized concertina wire and Y hangers, galvanized steel poles bolts and nuts for Nigeria project.

Razor Wire, Chain Link Fence and Welded Wire Mesh

Here is a security fencing project for airport application, materials including concertina razor barbed wire BTO-22, chain link fence and welded wire.

358 Prison Fencing and 3510 Wire Fencing Ordered by Clients

We supply complete security fencing solution covering palisade fencing, 358 security fence (prison fencing), barbed tape concertina, and fence post.

How to choose suitable wire fencing?

In order to choose a suitable fence protecting our property and territory, you need determine the functions of the fencing and know the types of fencing.